Charging at Work

Make it easy for your employees with easy-to-use smart charging solutions. With data insights, pre-set tariffs, control features and support services, charging at work is efficient and seamless.

Smart charging enables businesses to monitor and control chargers remotely and in real time. OpenLoop’s software and cloud connectivity of charge points enables businesses to remotely manage settings, set tariffs and maximise cost efficiency through real time usage insights. Through the administrator’s portal, we can provide your business with various levels of insights on carbon offset – by user, charge point, user fleet or even by each charging session. Dynamic load balancing can also be set up to throttle the EV charger based on how much electricity is being used at business location at any time.

Charging at Home

Seamless charging continues at home. Our home charging solution includes the installation and operation of a smart charge point integrated with your overall charging ecosystem.

For businesses, we offer automated billing and reconciliation service to manage employee charging at home.

The OpenLoop ecosystem enables customers to charge anywhere with any charger on the platform across various refuelling sites, to deliver a seamless, end to end, connected “refuelling” experience.

For employees of businesses who use company EVs, at-home charging is an important part of this seamless experience. Individual home-based cloud connected chargers can provide insights and more control on your EV charging. For employers, it can also provide simple, easy to use at-home charging for employees and also enable reimbursement for charging (at a tariff set by you) – removing any expense claim admin. Dynamic load balancing can also be set up to throttle the EV charger based on how much electricity is being used at home at any time.

Charging on the go

EV Charge Point Owners can offer their EV chargers for general public use through the OpenLoop platform and app, enabling a virtual NZ network of EV chargers with automated billing and reconciliation service. It’s a hassle-free, set and forget service!

All EV drivers can use the open public EV charging service across all public charge points on the platform. This creates an open, transparent EV charging service that ensures that customers have more choice, innovative pricing options and greater value for money.

Enabled by the OpenLoop app, charging on the OpenLoop network is simple and fuss free – with live insights and notifications.

Charging Heavy Electric Vehicles

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