We’re on a mission to enable cleaner transportation for everyone.

At OpenLoop, we see a clear way forward to support New Zealand’s decarbonisation goals through the electrification of transport. We have an open mindset, and we believe strongly that collaboration and partnership lead to innovation, supported by speed and new technology.

Our expert and passionate team consists of engineers, full stack developers, digital platform managers and customer champions. Together, we designed and launched the OpenLoop charging ecosystem in just six months. We saw a need in the market, and we were determined to introduce competition in a previously one player market to benefit all EV drivers, fleet managers as well as enterprises.

As a team, we believe that success for our enterprise customers is based on building strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our point of difference in the market is to provide a customised solution for each customer, whether it’s an end-to-end solution that starts with installation design and continues to maintenance and support, or whether it’s providing an open EV charging billing service for all public charge point owners and businesses with EV fleets.

We’re proud of this open platform that we’ve developed, as it creates an open, transparent EV charging service that ensures that customers have more choice, innovative pricing options and greater value for money.

Our goal as a business is to bring about interconnectivity in an EV charging market that can quickly become fragmented with multiple charge point owners, and therefore billing platforms. The last thing we want is for charge point users to have to carry multiple branded RFID tags, and download multiple charging apps, depending on which chargers they’re using in different parts of the country.

To get around this issue, we designed the OpenLoop ecosystem using a standards-based platform which allows for other RFID tags to be registered and used on our network, which is growing quickly. To date, a wide range of partner companies are using OpenLoop including Octopus Energy, Zilch, Counties Energy, WEL Networks, The Lines Company, Custom Fleet, Fleet Partners and many more.

The installation, maintenance and customer support services are enabled through our partner ECL, who offer end-to-end EV charging solutions.

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