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OpenLoop announced as finalist at National Energy Awards

Counties Energy has been announced as a finalist in the national energy awards.

Counties Energy has been announced as a finalist in the national energy awards for their electric vehicle charging platform OpenLoop – an open electric vehicle charging platform that provides creative and innovative EV charging offerings to Kiwis and enables greater competition in the EV charging market.

The aim was to provide an easy path to decarbonisation through a smooth, cost-effective integration of eMobility with a ‘connected journey experience’ across different electric vehicle (EV) charging sites, such as public, destination or in-home locations. This will increase the availability and ease of access to EV charging infrastructure, leverage existing infrastructure and avoid duplication of investment.

This integrated digital service also enables opportunities for standardisation, aggregated demand response (DR) offerings and an incentivisation mechanism of ideal customer behaviour to deliver win-win outcomes with customers and electricity industry participants. This will create greater cost-savings for end-consumers.

Counties Energy Chief Executive Judy Nicholl says the company is exceptionally proud of OpenLoop, which has empowered Kiwis with a new electric vehicle charging ecosystem experience.

“This Award acknowledges better energy outcomes for all New Zealanders, celebrating accessible and inclusive energy solutions – which epitomises OpenLoop. We’re driving change for the eMobility market. With the power of our intelligent charge point management and customer insights platform, OpenLoop provides greater flexibility, cost effectiveness and scalability – with customisable solutions for the single electric car owner to commercial fleet managers and transport operators. One of the biggest outcomes delivered by OpenLoop is bringing an alternative option and competition into a mostly single player EV charging market.

  • Why was my credit card charged $50 at the start of a charging session?

    With pay-as-you-go, we will put a hold on your credit card of $50 at the start of any charging session. If your charging session cost $30, we release the difference of $20 at the end of your session.

    During this time, your bank account may show that there is a $50 pending transaction. When your bank processes the release of the funds back to your bank account, you will see a finalised transaction in your account for $30. Typically, this process can take from 1-3 business days, but up to 10 days, depending on your bank.

  • Why can’t I top up my balance on the Openloop app?

    Openloop has a pay-as-you go payment system which allows our customers to charge their EVs using a saved credit card on their account without needing a minimum balance on their app.

  • How do I save my credit card details on my Openloop account?

    When you are in the mobile app, go to “Account” using the bottom nav bar, press “payment” and add your credit card to save it there.

  • What happens if I still have some money on my top up balance?

    Existing balances will be utilised first before credit card charges are applied. For example, if a customer currently has $5 on their account balance and their charging session cost $15, then their credit card will be charged the $10 difference and their account balance will be reduced to $0.

    Alternatively, if your top up balance more than covers the cost of your total charge, this will be used first and your credit card charged only in future transactions.

  • How do I get the Pay-as-you-go payment function on my Openloop app?

    To access Pay-as-you-go for public chargers on the OpenLoop charging network, please update your mobile app by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Is there any change to the EV charging process for free or paid chargers?

    No, there is no change to the existing steps that you take to start a charging session. The only change is that you no longer have to top-up.

  • What is a “free” EV charging station?

    On the mobile app, you may come across EV Chargers that have a tariff listed as “FREE” these EV Chargers are free to use.

  • Why does the app look different?

    We have updated our logo and visual identity to better reflect what OpenLoop represents – a forward thinking and innovative technology company. The new look app also reflects customer feedback to improve the experience of using our mobile app.

“To be honoured as a finalist four years in a row at these Awards, which celebrates the very best of the energy sector, shows the journey we’re on as company to reimagine energy, developing solutions for the changing energy needs of consumers today, and into the future.

OpenLoop is just one of the ways we’re working towards decarbonisation and more sustainable energy outcomes for all New Zealanders.” The company congratulates all the New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards finalists, including their fellow category finalists, ERANZ for EnergyMate and Genesis Energy for Te Tira Manaaki o Kenehi, and thanks category sponsor Electricity Authority.

Counties Energy won the award for Network Initiative of the Year in 2019 for INDI (Infrastructure and Network Data Interface), and was a finalist for projects in the years either side.

The New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards will be announced at a black-tie awards ceremony in June.